Be Creative!

This time of the year is an excellent time to express your creativity. Let's be honest the colors of fall can't help but ignite the creator that lives within all of us. It's a great time to begin a new hobby or to go deeper into one you already enjoy. I am always challenged to come up with new classes to help guide fellow crafters through fall until spring. Fall is usually a new year for us at The Crafting Closet and this fall is no different. We have a few new classes to add to our offerings like our Bow Time Sewing Class on November 1st and Pillow Talk Sewing Class in December.

We also have new products like of newest design for the "Be Phenomenal" shirt and cup. Those will make great Christmas gifts! We have been diligently worked to create something for all craft levels so our classes have a virtual option if you are not in the Greenville, SC area and we offer private solo as well as group classes. So they make great gifts too! Now, there is no reason you can't express yourself through crafting with us because we craft with you or for you. Either way, you get to Be Creative! Be sure to visit us often to see how we can Be Creative together!

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